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Basic Windows Hosting
Basic Windows hosting is for those who just want to be seen without all the perks! Accounts start at just $12.50 a month - a cost effective price if you are saving your money!

 Starter Windows Hosting
Plan JustWeb Hosting Min Hosting
DNS Zone(s) Included 2 2
Website(s) Included 1 1
Exchange E-Mail Domain(s) Included 0 1
Exchange E-Mail Accounts/Groups/Contacts Included 0/0/0 5/5/5
Price $12.50/month* $25.00/month*
 Small Business Windows Hosting
Plan Base Hosting Plus Hosting
DNS Zone(s) Included 5 10
Website(s) Included 1 2
Exchange E-Mail Domain(s) Included 1 2
Exchange E-Mail Accounts/Groups/Contacts Included 10/10/10 20/20/20
Price $50.00/month* $100.00/month*


* All prices are based on a 12 month term.

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